Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Lindsay Pow on Lucy Dougan

Lindsay Pow is a local Fremantle artist who has a vibrant career including but not limited to powerful landscapes that flow towards abstraction Here’s what Lindsay had to say about his favourite poet:

‘Being dyslexic, words are a complete mystery to me. Thus I find it astonishing that Lucy Dougan, on a daily basis, wrestles with words to construct beauty.

My favourite line is, ‘Time grazes, drops its guard.’ I guess I love it because there are moments when time does graze, and drops its guard. I’m in awe of Lucy being able to encapsulate that feeling into words. I guess I’d paint it, or try!

Lucy is heroic, immensely likable, compassionate and intelligent. If these traits are what it takes to be a poet, then – bring on the poets!’

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