Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Villanelle Competition Entry: Twelve

Let God Without Religion Be

Let God without religion be
May peace and love the charter
free. All the world His beauty, to see

World of wonder, world that I see
Do not make a martyr
me. Let God without religion be

Clear the way oh fetid thought be
free. One soul up for barter
Hoping that the world his beauty see

Peace be still my soul for thee. He
offers peace for pain, pro-rata
When the world without religion be

Then shall we know serenity
You and I, how much smarter
be. Now the world His beauty can see

Forgiveness drowns in falsity
In hates vial heart of slaughter
(Until all voices rise with the refrain)
Let God without religion be
That all the world His beauty see

Kim Moore

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