Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Villanelle Competition Entry: Eleven

The Paraglider

All knew the storm cell would be brewing
but still the skilled Paragliders passionately
strapped themselves up to start their flying

Birdlike they glided through the skies, soaring
riding the wind updrafts competently
whilst up ahead cumulus clouds were building

Too late she felt the lightning and thunder surrounding
the storm hurling her leaf like upward, forcefully
catapulting her through the pelting hailstones, freezing.

Rocketed upwards the cloud suck sent her spiralling
ascending 10,000 metres rapidly dizzily giddily
blacking out, unconscious, hypothermic, dying.

Metabolism slowed in suspended animation, hibernating
in wide arcs her bruised frozen body circling, then suddenly
the ice laden glider drops 3000 metres, descending

Jolted back to consciousness, her glider reopening
life threatening forces she survived miraculously
strapped to her glider back to earth flying
out of the storm cell which had been brewing.

Heather Goodwin

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