Tuesday, 18 May 2010

July is Fremantle Poetry Month

Fremantle Press will host five free events to celebrate the launch of its poetry list in July 2010.

“I believe our poetry list provides us with a litmus test for the literary health of Fremantle Press as an independent publisher of fine writing by Western Australians,” said Poetry Publisher Georgia Richter.

Fremantle Poetry Month is sponsored by Fremantle Arts Centre, the Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre, the Fremantle Library, Radio Fremantle, indigo journal, Little Creatures Brewing, Out of the Asylum Writers Group, Plantagenet Wines, Roland Leach at Sunline Press and WA Poets Inc.

“We are delighted by their response to a project which aims to celebrate poetry in the broader community,” said Richter.

The 2010 Fremantle Press poetry list includes Burning Bright by Caroline Caddy, The West by John Mateer and Fremantle Poets 1: New Poets by Scott-Patrick Mitchell, J.P. Quinton and Emma Rooksby.


  1. Great initiative. Would love to see some outreach into the regions - we're an arty lot here on the south coast and get up to Fremantle when we can, but we love it when others come to us too.

  2. Thanks for your comments. You may be interested to know that we intend to focus on different regions in WA in future editions of the Fremantle Poets series – the south coast has produced some great poets for us (Caroline Caddy and Barbara Temperton appear on this year’s list and last – to name just a couple). And we enjoy getting south when we can – Sprung is a great gathering point in the spring!
    Georgia Richter, Poetry Publisher

  3. In Spring, it has to be Sprung! Good news about the regions. Thanks.