Friday, 26 March 2010

Senator Pat Giles biography launched

Among the Chosen: The life story of Pat Giles was launched on 23 March at Christ Church Grammar School to an enthusiastic audience.

Authors Lekkie Hopkins and Lynn Roarty were joined by Senator Pat Giles and many friends, family and former colleagues of both the authors and Giles.

Helen Creed, who has served on the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the International Peak Trade Union's Women's Committee, and currently works for the Department of Communities, launched the book.

Creed spoke of Giles as a trailblazer who brought significant reform to areas such as women’s health, sex discrimination, and the trade union movement.

She also spoke of Giles’ compassion and warmth. ‘When the authors asked me which three words I would use to describe Pat, I said: inspiring, motherly and internationalist,’ Creed said.

Lynn Roarty and Lekkie Hopkins thanked many people for helping to bring the book together, most especially Pat Giles for her cooperation, kindness and years of activism.

Giles, now aged 82, said she could hardly express her gratitude to many people who have been her friends and allies over the years.

Guests included Jim McGinty, Yvonne Henderson, Janine Freeman MLA, Lisa Baker MLA and Sharryn Jackson MLA.

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