Friday, 1 July 2011

Welcome to Fremantle Poetry Month

Welcome to Fremantle Press’s second Fremantle Poetry Month. This is the month when we are able to pause and access the world via a variety of unexpected colours and forms of expression – the month when we are surprised into discovering things we didn’t know we knew.

Last year I was uplifted by the sense of community spirit surrounding each event.

This year we particularly welcome the contribution of the local and refugee students of Christmas Island, who have been working with Renee Schipp to create Thonglines – a poetry and art installation of haiku on thongs. Thonglines will be launched at Clancy’s Fish Pub on Monday July 4, in conjunction with an evening of live performance from poets and songwriters.

In Fremantle Poetry Month we are proud to launch Tracy Ryan’s The Argument, which Dennis Haskell has described as ‘her best collection yet’.

Michael Heald’s The Moving World is the poet’s document of his connection with Vipassana meditation. Robert Gray has called it 'a daring and triumphant project'.

In Two Poets, the second in the Fremantle Poets series, established poets Andrew Lansdown and Kevin Gillam display a strong sense of place and a precise concern with craft. Theirs are poems to enjoy.

I hope you will join us in celebrating this wonderful form.

Georgia Richter, Poetry Publisher, Fremantle Press

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