Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Last Chance to Enter Tanka Comp.

This Friday 22 July is the closing date for our online Tanka Competition. Entries will be judged by well-known poet Andrew Lansdown (a master practitioner of the form), and Fremantle Press poetry editor Wendy Jenkins.

Recent entries show many of the possibilities of the form. ‘Treasure’ by Annamaria Weldon is intensely visual, a frozen moment, while ‘Old Flame’ by Rose van Son uses metaphor to evoke the passing of time and dying down of love’s first flame.


Cupped by sand, three eggs

lustrous as black-speckled pearls.

Hooded plovers nest,

set in samphire and limestone-

treasure trove at the tideline

- Annamaria Weldon

Old Flame

all the candles lit

just a flicker now and then

the bowl tightly fits

what is left of you and me

murmurings behind closed doors

- Rose van Son

Wendy Jenkins

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