Saturday, 23 April 2011

Naama Amram, author of 'The Exhibition'

What song would the narrator/protagonist of your story sing at a karaoke bar and why?

If the protagonist of my story, Beatrix, ever gets out of holding the painting she’s stuck under and onto a karaoke stage, she would sing ‘Given to Fly’ by Pearl Jam. As a bright and inquisitive seventeen year old, Beatrix accesses grand philosophical themes – independence, choice, the nature of meaning – with limited maturity, but earnestly.

‘Given to Fly’ in this context represents a desire to seek truth and give love despite the misunderstanding and rejection people offer in return. This is an essential condition for an artist to continue to create. In my story, Beatrix learns the hard way from her photographer brother Ezra that people’s opinions are perceptions of reality, not reality itself.

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