Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Poets for the New Year

Scott-Patrick Mitchell, who featured in Fremantle Poets 1: New Poets in 2010, will appear alongside Steve (SJ) Finch, whose title story features in the forthcoming The Kid on the Karaoke Stage & Other Stories (May 2011), at Perth Poetry Club this Saturday.

Get yourself to The Moon, 323 William St, Northbridge, from 2 to 4pm on Saturday 8th January, to kickstart your new year with a dose of quality local poetry. Plus open mike – all welcome.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell is a poet & writer who lives in Perth, Western Australia. He is an arts and fashion journalist for OUTinPerth Newspaper and also a poetry editor for dotdotdash. In 2009 he won The PressPress Poetry Chapbook Award and in 2010 he won the Perth Poetry Slam. In July 2010 he appeared as one of three emerging West Australian poets in Fremantle Press’ New Poets. He is studying a Masters in Performance Poetry, upgrading to a PhD in 2011, at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. In his downtime, he blogs his photographs of street art and obsesses over fashion.

In 2008, Steve (SJ) Finch decided to cook Christmas dinners for his family. In 2009 he decided to start a Perth-based literary journal, dotdotdash. In 2010 he decided to start a vlog where he interviews his friends about their lives. In 2011 he decided to write some poetry for the Perth Poetry Club. He is currently studying a PhD, and is located somewhere in the Moon.

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