Sunday, 14 November 2010

EXTRACT: Jive, Twist and Stomp

The Spektors, 1964–66

Bon Scott: vocals/drums

Murray Gracie: vocals/rhythm guitar

John Collins: vocals/drums

Brian Gannon: bass

Wyn Milsom: lead guitar

The Spektors had their first rehearsals in the lounge room of Brian Gannon’s parents house in Bicton and the Scotts’ house in East Fremantle. They soon wore out their welcome and moved to a small RSL hall in Coogee where they could play as loud as they liked.

Their musical influences were more blues than pop – groups like the Pretty Things, Them, and the Kinks. Their first gig was the Medina youth club, organised by John Rand who was to become their manager. John drove a sports car and was later killed in a crash on Stirling Highway.

I am always asked whether Bon really was the way he is portrayed. The answer to that is probably yes but he did have a softer side as well. He was a loyal friend and a respectful son who the booze got the better of. Bon will always be known as the lead singer of AC/DC. It is certainly a long way to the top if you want to rock & roll.

Murray Gracie

Jive, Twist and Stomp (December 2010) is available from Fremantle Press.

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