Thursday, 16 September 2010

Workshop inspires new poetry

A student poetry workshop organised by Fremantle Press and hosted by Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre has inspired students from Applecross Senior High School to keep writing.

Applecross Senior High School teacher Sussan McDonald said
A.J. Betts and J.P. Quinton worked with the class to bring the world of poetry to life for the Year 9 Academic Extension students who participated.

“Prior to the workshop, the firm convictions students held about poetry was surprising.

“The workshop helped to challenge preconceived ideas as well as inspire the students to write,” said Ms McDonald.

She said all students returned to class feeling motivated and inspired, ready to try new techniques and ideas. A class anthology has been published and placed in the school library. Students continue to write.

Eighty students attended two workshops with A.J. Betts, Caroline Caddy, Scott-Patrick Mitchell and J.P. Quinton as part of Fremantle Poetry Month 2010. Fremantle Press poetry publisher Georgia Richter said the engagement and energy of the participants was a joy to behold.

Read a poem written by each student on the Young Poets' Poetry Page on this blog (see tabs at top).

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