Thursday, 2 September 2010

Welcome to Children's Literature Month!

Books can be inspiring, uplifting, entertaining or enlightening. Sometimes they’re all of these things. They can change the way you think and feel, provide you with answers, and questions, too. They can take you to other cities, other countries, other worlds. In the pages of a book you can live as a prince or a pope, a crocodile or a cat, today, tomorrow or a thousand years ago. From the outstanding illustrations of so many picture books, to fun first-chapter books and on to young adult fiction that both critics and readers love, the possibilities of books are endless.

At Fremantle Press we love to be involved in this part of children’s lives by publishing books that tell stories both silly and serious, and show off the prodigious local talent of our authors and illustrators.

During September we’re celebrating kids’ lit, and we invite you to get on board by subscribing to the blog, or liking our Facebook page and dropping a comment on any post that catches your eye.

Most of all though, we invite you to read, read, read.

Cate Sutherland, Publisher Children’s Book, Fremantle Press

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  1. Huzzah! Blogging about Children's Literature for a month sounds fabulous.