Saturday, 17 July 2010

Week 9: Events Manager Update

The pleasure of reading poetry is one thing, and hearing it performed is another. People keen to hear it from the poet’s mouth (so to speak) filled out the reading space at the Fremantle Library last night, as John Mateer, Scott-Patrick Mitchell and J.P. Quinton read and discussed their poetry.

Last night’s event marks the halfway point in Fremantle Poetry Month. But never fear! If you’ve missed out on the festivities thus far, a final day of poetry remains. On Monday 26 July, young writers in secondary school will attend workshops with real, live, local poets. Later on the same day, English teachers (and other interested people) will join us for a professional development seminar on practical ideas for inspiring kids to read, write and enjoy poetry.

If you’re interested in attending these events, email or call us at or 08 9430 6331.

The online villanelle competition is happening next week, so make sure you submit your villanelle by 23 July (5:00pm WST) for a chance to win confidential judges’ comments and appraisal.

And before I forget – our most recent giveaway winner was Phillip A. Ellis, who wins Wheatlands by Dorothy Hewett and John Kinsella. Comment on this week’s giveaway [hyperlink] and you could win New Poets! But please, when commenting, don’t provide the entire poem you’re commenting on as we don’t want you to risk infringing copyright.

Kiri Falls, Fremantle Poetry Month Events Manager

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