Wednesday, 21 July 2010

GIVEAWAY: What's on your shelf?

Take a look at your bookshelves. (If you're not at home, visualise.) Find a couple of poetry collections. Take them down, flick through, remember what you've enjoyed about each book. Which poets have affected you most?

Tell us the names of three poets on your bookshelves and you could win a copy of John Mateer's new collection, The West. This collection spans twenty years of work from this poet of international renown, and brings together Mateer's Australian poems in one collection.

Comment by Monday 26 July for your chance to win a copy!


  1. Three of my favourite poets on my bookshelves are Yeats, Dylan Thomas, and Blake.

    They never fail to make me fall in love with words and the english language all over again, or to just feel a part of something better.

  2. Three of my favourite poets on my shelves are:

    Christina Georgina Rosetti for so often putting into words exactly what I am feeling.

    Dean Koontz for making me shiver

    Pam Ayres (yes, you read that right LOL) for making me laugh my ass off ;)

  3. Ogden Nash, TS Eliot, and all my friends from Live Poets in Sydney.

  4. How about:

    Alfred Chandler,

    Jack Davis

    Nick Hasluck

  5. TS Eliot, David McComb [The Triffids] and Leonard Cohen
    [Heather Goodwin's selection]