Thursday, 10 June 2010


Fremantle Poets 1: New Poets is a celebration of three distinct new voices.

Editor and award-winning poet,
Tracy Ryan, said the book combines ‘three quite different works, extremely diverse in tone and approach’.
The volume showcases the considerable talents of emerging poets
Emma Rooksby, J.P. Quinton and Scott-Patrick Mitchell.

In Emma Rooksby’s ‘Time Will Tell’ we enter a realm both distinctly physical and gesturing beyond the here and now. Hers is a new voice of impressive poise and restraint.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell’s ‘{where n equals} a determinacy of poetry’ is an intense and exuberant work, charged with bodily and erotic energy, the power of scent, taste and the visual, as well as joyful contemplation of love and connection.

J.P. Quinton’s ‘Little River’ demonstrates a passionate engagement with the human and the natural in his evocations of life around the Swan River. Surprising, confronting, colloquial, these poems are at times humorous and at others deeply moving.

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