Wednesday, 30 June 2010

GIVEAWAY: Literary scandals

From controversial stories to defamatory memoirs, the literary world has experienced its fair share of scandal.

Tell us what you think has been the biggest literary scandal of all time, and you could win a poetry collection by Dorothy Hewett. Multi-award winning poet, playwright and novelist Hewett published three volumes of poetry with Fremantle Press, Peninsular, Wheatlands (with John Kinsella) and Halfway up the Mountain.

Comment by Monday 5 July for your chance to win Wheatlands.


  1. There are so many to chose from! And most of those have usually been hyped out of proportion....

    I think I'll stick to the interpolation of the mention of Christ into Josephus' history, not so much for the literary aspect, as for its tendency to illustrate the habits of early Christian apologists to lie, and to distort texts towards their own ends. I would have chosen the Donation of Constantine for the same reason, but I am aware there is less of a call to consider the whole a literary document.

    Call it the inner atheist in me.... :)