Friday, 4 June 2010

Events Manager Update Week 3

Congratulations to our second giveaway winner, Amanda Curtin, who wins a copy of Beautiful Waste: Poems by David McComb!

There’s a chance to win every week: next week, just by dropping us a line, you can go into the draw to win Southern Edge, Barbara Temperton’s compelling and dramatic stories in verse, set along the West Australian coastline.

This week our interview is with Barbara Temperton herself. Read her comments on writing and Southern Edge, and keep your eye out for more interviews, poems and musings from our publisher.

Kiri Falls, Fremantle Poetry Month Events Manager


  1. Isn't Amanda Curtin lucky to win 'Beautiful Waste: Poems by David McComb'. I have a copy of 'Vagabond Holes - David McComb & The Triffids'. His poems bring back memories of the 70's and 80's in Perth.
    Barbara Temperton's book of verse sounds interesting - especially as I live on the coast of WA.

  2. Vagabond Holes certainly is an outstanding volume. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it. Beautiful Waste not only compliments it but stands alone as a wonderful poetry collection.
    The competition to win Barbara Temperton's Southern Edge will start next Tuesday 8 June - make sure you enter for a chance to win!