Monday, 8 March 2010

Holocaust memoir launched at Carmel

Broadcaster and historian Bill Bunbury launched Hetty: A True Story at Carmel Jewish School in Dianella on 24 February.

Mr Bunbury said he was honoured to be involved and to know Hetty.

‘It is thanks to you that those children [in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp] survived,’ he said.

Hetty thanked those involved in producing the book, and spoke briefly of her experiences in the camp. She also emphasised the importance of telling stories about the history of the Holocaust.

‘Love and compassion for others is the most important thing. We looked out for each other and never fought, and that is how we survived,’ said Hetty.

An enthusiastic audience, which included Basil Zempilas, lined up to have their books signed by the author.

Hetty’s memoir was originally published as
The Children’s House of Belsen. The abridged version, Hetty: A True Story, is for school children, but appeals to all ages.

Hetty: A True Story is available from Fremantle Press, 9430 6331 or
Free teaching notes are also available on the website.

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