Monday, 23 March 2009

Mentorship available at Fremantle Press

Applications for the OYEA Producer Mentor program are now available on the Australia Council website:

As part of the Australia Council’s Opportunities for Young and Emerging Artists (OYEA) initiative, 10 paid mentorships for emerging producers, agents, gallery dealers and rights managers are available for a period of 18 months under the ‘emerging producers mentorship program’.

The selected candidates will have to opportunity to work directly alongside one of the following industry leaders:

Elizabeth Walsh, Artistic Director, 10 days on the Island, TAS
Marguerite Pepper, Managing Director, Marguerite Pepper Productions, NSW
Steven Pozel, Director, Object : Australian Centre for Craft and Design, NSW
Daniel Brine, Director, The Performance Space, NSW
Clive Newman, Manager, Fremantle Press, WA
John Oster, Executive Officer, desART : Association of Central Australian Aboriginal Art & Craft Centers, NT
Michael Heyward, Publisher, Text Publishing, VIC
Lee-Anne Donnolley, Executive Producer, Arts Projects Australia, SA
Rob Gebart, Program Manger, The Arts Centre, VIC
Bill Hauritz, Festival Director, Woodford Folk Festival, QLD

More information and application forms can be found on:


  1. Having a mentor makes you focus on your goals, and how to achieve them. For those who will not get a mentor through this program, should try to get one anyway. There are lots of skilled, brilliant and experiences people who are more than willing to pay their knowledge forward.

    As the founder of Mentory ( a global mentorship community. My goal is making it possible for everyone to experience the gift of giving as a mentor and learning as a protégé.
    We all have mentors in different areas of life, some even unconsciously. Either way - they illuminate the road to our dreams.

  2. Many thanks for your comment and website details Natasha.