Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Great Western Australian Storytellers Literary Evening

The Fremantle Children's Literature Centre hosted Great Western Australian Storytellers on Monday 23 March. Over 100 audience members were entertained by speeches and readings by authors Norman Jorgensen, Elaine Forrestal and Jen Banyard.

Guest speaker Lynne Cahill of Newspapers in Education at The West Australian said Miss Llewellyn-Jones by Elaine Forrestal was a great hit with the children in her neighbourhood who regularly visited her front garden to be read to from the book. When introducing Norman Jorgensen she said Jack's Island should come with the price of a ticket to Rottnest.

Ms Cahill launched Spider Lies by first-time novelist Jen Banyard. Ms Banyard's thank-you speech included a musical number performed on her Ukelele.

Ms Banyard said the song was inspired by Leonard Cohen.

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