Wednesday, 28 February 2007

TAG Hungerford Award - winner announced!

2006 Award winner Alice Nelson with TAG Hungerford, 25/2/07

The winner of the 2006 TAG Hungerford Award is Alice Nelson for her work entitled In Arcadia.

The Award was announced on Sunday 25 February 2007 at a presentation dinner held at Lamont's East Perth restaurant.

Presented in a partnership between Fremantle Arts Centre Press, New Edition Bookshop, The West Australian Newspaper and writingWA, the TAG Hungerford Award is a biennial award given for an unpublished work of fiction by a West Australian author who has not previously been published in book form.

First established in 1988 by Fremantle Arts Centre Press, the Award honors West Australian author TAG Hungerford and his outstanding contribution to literature over a period of some sixty years.

The Award has been a major catalyst for stimulating growth in the WA literary sector, uncovering and nurturing new writing in WA and bringing that talent to public attention.

T.A.G. Hungerford Award winners to date are:

1990 - Brenda Walker; Crush
1991 - Gail Jones; The House of Breathing
1993 - Simone Lazaroo; The World Waiting to be Made
1995 - Bruce Russell; Jacob's Air
2000 - Christopher Murray; A Whispering Fish
2002 - Nathan Hobby; The Fur
2004 - Donna Mazza; The Albanian
2006 - Alice Nelson; In Arcadia

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